Resume Advice for Teens

You’re looking to land your first job and you realize that you do not have a resume and you have no idea how to write one. Don’t panic! Writing a resume can be difficult for anyone. It is especially difficult for teen job seekers and students who have limited experience to fill the page. With a little skill and knowledge, you can create a profile that highlights your abilities and capabilities despite your lack of work experience.

Lets start at the top (literally)- The top of your resume should include your name in bold and larger font, your address, phone number, and email address. It is best to include your cell phone so you can be easily contacted. Also remember that the email address you use is important. Remember , this is a professional document, so you may want to refrain from using emails like: or cool


Next comes the objective statement or the summary or profile statement. In this section it is important to tell the employer what you are looking for and why you would be a good fit for the job. It is important to highlight what you can bring to the table and why they should hire you.


After the objective statement, you want to have a section labeled : Experience. If this is your first job this can be a daunting task. Remember that volunteer experience and unpaid duties do count, so be sure to include them.


The next and last section is Education. This is simple and straightforward, simply list your academic experience. You can use this section to beef up your resume by highlighting you achievements and activities. Being in student council, or on yearbook staff, or a sports team, etc..should definitely be included in your first resume.